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Three times wise
or, Things to do on Three day (third of march, 2003)

Three square meals of three items each. Breakfast: Fromage Au Trois (Three egg omelette with three cheeses, and three slices of toast). Lunch: Three Stories High (triple decker sandwich). Dinner: Triple Jumping Bean salad (three bean salad).

Take a three-legged dog on a three mile walk, triangulating three town or villages. Take part in a three-legged race and Triple Jump competition. Hum 'Three Blind Mice' along the way. Find a three leaf clover and make three wishes on it. Take three found stones, feathers and leaves and arrange in triangles. Juggle with three balls.

Read Salley Vicker's Instances of the Number Three. Read the third page of three newspapers.

Write three three word novels('God lay dying.' or 'The wardrobe coughed.' or 'Thirsty, they sang.') Think up three plots for three day novel contest. Pick three words from a dictionary at random and use in three line haiku; repeat twice.

Listen to the opera A Love for Three Oranges. Listen for bird calls with three notes. Listen to Radio Three for three minutes.

Watch the third installment of three movie trilogies (Back To the Future, Three Colors, Star Wars, etc.). Or watch movies with three items in the title (Gas Food Lodging, Planes Trains and Automobiles, sex, lies and videotape, etc.) Or watch The Three Stooges, The Third Man, and Three Coins In the Fountain.

Take some porridge to the three bears. Be extra nice to the three witches. Direct the three billy goats gruff to the ferry.

posted: 2 March 2003