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An early birthday present to snarl from heyoka. Happy birthday, sweetheart! contains a journal-blog thing, with day to day words; plenty more words -- stories, essays, ramblings and lists; and photographs from home and from travelling.

This site replaces the ancient and barely updated tangle site. This site is meant to encourage more writing and sharing of images and ideas. This site may include things you've always known, but haven't thought about or seen in a while. This site may include words that make you grin for a moment. This site will misuse sarcasm, stretch metaphors beyond their limit, occasionally despair for the right way of presenting an idea, and exploit the author's locality. This site will not tell you where the other sock went. This site is not for those allergic to cats.

about gnarl

a.k.a. snarl. a.k.a. Andy Kitts

snarl has, to his surprise, become a thirty-something American living in southeast England. For many years he whiled away his time in Santa Cruz, California, developing experience and a personality, not learning from mistakes, but still amazed by life. At one point, thinking his life was stagnant, he embarked to Portland, Oregon. He still didn't learn from experience, yet weakly eked out a living. Somehow, out of the blue, he met someone to share his life with. For a few years they lived in London. Last November they moved to a house in the country, where the seasons glide by.

snarl is fascinated by many things. The way the world works. The formation of clouds. How words captivate, music rises emotions, aromas spark memories, and that there is a story behind everything. As he writes this, four off-white butterflies waver over sunlit clover in his garden. He's very lucky.

gnarl is snarl's name used in an online community because snarl was taken at the time. snarl is the name most people he knows calls him. He first used it on the MOO he met heyoka at, and it stuck. People call him by his given name still, and sometimes it fits.