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Other Uses For Matchboxes

Coffin for Dead Creatures Small

Disguised as Domino

Bottom of box for Secret messages

Cat toy

Flea Circus Theatre

Percussion Instrument

Bathtup Sailboat

Repository for one or more of the following: Coins, Buttons, Camel Teeth, Cat Whiskers, Dried Rose Petals, Insects Beheaded By Kitsune, Raffle Ticket Stubs, Shirt Threads, Barrettes, Die, Frame of film Showing the Romantic Kiss, Key to Safety Deposit Box Filled with Batchbox Collection, Spare Magnetic Poetry Words, Smaller Matchboxes, Lightning-Struck Tree Splinters, A Feather or Two, Fortune Cookie Fortunes, Snippet of Beloved's hair, Iridescent Mineral, Whispered Wishes, Burnt Matchsticks, Eyelashes, Spare Blu-Tac, Mustard Seeds, Grain of Rice with your Name Written on it, Guitar Pick, Stamps, Stamp-sized Polaroids, Hair Tie, Pen Cap, A Lego, Safety Pins, Origami Swan, Pewter Scottie Dog from Monopoly Board, Second Hand from Watch, Tacks, Springs, Packets of Salt and Pepper, Glow-in-the-dark Ants, Tobacco and Rolling papers, Coffee Joint Marquee Letter, Some Merit Badges, Melted Candle Wax, Doll-House Soup Ladle, Snowflake (Paper), Snowflake (Petrified), Stickers of Butterflies, Rose Thorns, Toenail Clippings for Future Reference, Amusing Newspaper Want Ad Clipping, Finger Puppet, Dried Orange Peel, Digital Memory Card or Computer Memory Chip, Airplane Model Sticker, Poppy Seeds, Leftover Kinder Egg Toy part, Jigsaw Puzzle Piece (preferably of part of Sky), Cotton, Screws, Sea Snail Shells, Crayon Shavings, Echo of a Kiss, Domino, Coffee Grounds, Sand, Superfluous Cardboard, Receipts with Un-named Acquaintances Phone Number, Candy Wrappers, Film Cannister Top, Spare Watch Battery, Flint Wheel, Wooden Donkey as Made by My Father, Rubberband, Spent Bullet Cartridge, Sponge Dinosaur That Grows A Thousand Times Its Size In Water, Teeth of Comb, Tine of Spork, Incence Sticks (used), Sea Worn Glass, Bus Token, Tie Clip, Spare Fairy Light, Cat Bells, Robot Arm, Aspirin, Chalk and Charcoal, Key Fob, Friendship Bracelet, Beads, Gold Stars for Good Behaviour, Glitter, Thumb Tack Remover Tool, Ribbon, Redwood Sawdust, Triumphant Find of Interesting Stone on Beach, Gasket, Typewriter Correction Tape, Basil, Paper Clip Bent Into the Shape of a Camel, Rolled Up Love Letter, Pistachio Shell, Cigarettes from Iran broken in half, Condom, Peppermint Altoid, Ash.

Additions to above list invited

from hanne blank:

Matchboxes are the perfect size to hold one or a few unwrapped cough sweets, so that you can take the matchbox out in a theatre and slide open the drawer and take out a cough sweet without having to do that tiresome rattling and crinkling of cough sweet- cellophane that drives your fellow theatre-goers 'round the bend.

My granny always keeps a matchbox with a few cough sweets (unwrapped) in her purse.

posted: 24 August 2002