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Times you must have a smoke

during first cup of coffee in the morning

walking to the newsagent

reading newspaper over second cup of coffee

finishing newspaper over third cup of coffee

delaying morning chores

before morning chores

in the car heading towards work

before heading into work

during workbreak

getting out of work

along a long stretch of highway

waiting for heyoka's train to arrive

whenever heyoka is having one

whenever someone lights up in a movie on tv

when someone hasn't lit up in a movie for a while

twenty minutes into a walk

enjoying a view

during a quiet time

when the sun is lighting up the pages of a book just right

while blowing bubbles

ripping cellophane off a pack of smokes

before, during a break in, and after sex

whenever i'm in an argument

right before mowing the lawn

taking a break while mowing lawn

when i've forgotten that i've been mowing the lawn

settling down to do some writing

right before doing some writing

just another before starting to write

a few minutes into writing

after a first save during writing

after looking all over the house for a cigarette

getting dinner together, especially while rice or pasta is boiling

just after dinner

heading down to the pub

walking into the pub

in between sips of a pint

whenever anyone else lights up in the pub

right before leaving pub

while stumbling home from the pub

just one more before bed

oh, heyoka is having one, so just another

after a bad dream about not having any cigarettes

times not to have a smoke

while sleeping

when visiting friends with children

in a church, museum, library, bookstore, airplane and other places that don't allow smoking

when i'm cutting down

when i have a cold

in between mouthfuls

one reason to quit

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posted: 16 August 2002