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A list of names the cats get called


zot zot-spot zottie zotster zoterina infernal creature pest stompster top-of-the-mountain queen-of-the-castle not again gerroff pet-me/stroke-me NOW curlikins askalottle snoozemonster ZOT! zotzotzot! zotling worm squirmie-worm superzot (with the ability to transfer mass, and change size to weeZot, the smallest cat in the world) clumsy oaf squirrel/squivle zencat shneak


kitsune kitty kit kitling fluffybums fuzzybutt greedy cutie bosie the-cat-of-a-thousand faces scraggle-puss fatty-puss elephant soonie tsunami Thundercat bootiful bigfoot meatloaf scruff sweetpea

posted: 14 August 2002