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A list of blue things

in the house

a blue chair, wooden, almost scuffed up. gets moved to all rooms. very comfy.

downstairs bathroom: the floor, the cabinets, the bag of cat litter, a mirror. the walls are blue, play-doh blue.

there is a blue atlas, with seas and rivers of blue.

blue notebook, in which tarot readings and stories and garden plans are written

i am presently wearing a blue shirt, with the disney pinnochio on it. it is the same blue as the bathroom walls.

a blue coffee mug, oversize. it always reminds me of the first time i visted kate in her soho flat, drinking coffee in it while she drank from a yellow one.

the computer i type this on, an imac, has a clear blue case, so that the bits inside are blue-tinged.

we have a few blue ink pens, that bleed blue through the pages. a very dark blue.

when we have a blue duvet cover, and blue sheets and pillowcases on, the cats are happy.

out of the house

today the sky is blue. why is the sky blue? i've always heard it was because it compliments green and white. i like when the sky is dark blue long after sunset or just before sunrise.

i've never owned a blue car.

the ocean is blue, at least the atlantic is. the pacific ocean was always greenish blue to me.

i have had blue popsicles. they are the flavour of blue.

apparently there is such a thing as blue roses now. in our garden is a bush with blue flowers in the early spring, a ceanothus. we have blue sweetpeas, and blue acanthus, and a few other blue flowers.

over in rickinghall, a old ruined house has been rebuilt, with a very ugly dark blue gate in the middle of a wall. it's atrocious.

things that make me blue

when i'm very cold, ha ha.


sometimes when things aren't working out the way as planned

being completely comfortable sometimes makes me blue, because i gradually feel i haven't deserved it.

kate being ill

lost friends

a blank page

reading old journals

some dreams make me wake up blue, and even a glorious day of adventures doesn't shake it.

slow warbly music

when a cat is blue, i am too

more blue things!

the signs on us highways for amenities: gas, food, lodging; the signs in uk streets for no through roads; there actually are old ladies with blue hair

kate had fantastically cool blue hair once. bluer than sonic the hedgehog's hair;

my bedroom in aromas was blue walled. it was triangle-shaped with one wall light, the next darker and the end darkest. meant to sort of be a resprentation of getting deeper underwater; the bedroom in soho was blue, a dark blue with white bits unfinished. gauzy white curtains or candle light left variant shadows along them

glacial ice is blue; swimming pools are almost always blue, or whitewalled with chlorinated water that looks blue.

there are bears and cats and dogs that are blue; blue butterflies are a good thing; i think there should be blue ladybirds, so there must be.

i have a blue silk shirt which is very cool on the skin.

posted: 15 August 2002